This brochure is for family members of people living with substance use disorders. It answers questions about substance use disorders, their symptoms, different types of treatment, và recovery. The brochure also addresses concerns of children of parents living with substance use disorders.

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This resource provides substance use treatment program administrators with information to lớn implement tobacco-không tính phí policies & practices in treatment settings. It discusses challenges & strategies for developing clinical guidelines for treating tobacco dependence.



This advisory offers addiction counselors an introduction to lớn tobacco use cessation during substance use treatment. It discusses screening & effective sầu treatment approaches lớn quitting, & practical và supportive counseling.


This quiông chồng guide contains an overview of the challenges associated with tobacteo cessation and the benefits of being tobacco-không lấy phí for individuals as well as those of a smoke-free workplace. It also includes tips that substance use disorder treatment settings can use to implement their own tobacteo cessation programs.

This pamphlet addresses the health benefits that can come with quitting smoking while recovering from substance use disorder.

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This brochure informs patients about buprenorphine and medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. It describes addiction và withdrawal, how buprenorphine works, its proper use, its side effects, & how it fits with counseling in the recovery process.

This series of four fact sheets emphasizes the importance of continuing a mother"s treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD) throughout pregnancy. The series includes information on OUD và pregnancy, OUD treatment, neonatal abstinence syndrome, and considerations to lớn address before hospital discharge.

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