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On August 16, 2017, the CUA community welcomed new full-time and part-time students khổng lồ the School.

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The students arrived for the start of a three-day orientation that was designed khổng lồ make the transition khổng lồ the life of a student as smooth as possible.

The administration, faculty, và staff embraced the incoming first-year class, working hard lớn make sure that every student felt welcomed, comfortable, và oriented lớn their new surroundings. Upon their arrival, the students checked in & were greeted with remarks from Assistant Dean for Student Affairs và Dean of Students Katie Crowley "10. "It is my distinct honor lớn welcome you to lớn the Columbus School of As you begin to lớn settle in to your new community, rest assured that there is a dedicated team at CUA to lớn help tư vấn & guide you." Crowley introduced CUA Dean and Knights of Columbus Professor of Daniel F. Attridge who welcomed students khổng lồ the School. "Both individually và collectively you are a remarkable group of students. Today not only marks the beginning of your school career but also the beginning of your legal career," Dean Attridge said.

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"You are embarking upon a great life journey with important new responsibilities và wonderful new opportunities." Following a welcome luncheon for full-time students và an evening dinner for part-time students, a panel of current full-time students, Willie Burden (2L), Robbie Cain (3L), Marcos Holguin (3L), Maria Natera (2L), and Frank Russo (3L) imparted helpful advice regarding getting involved in the CUA community, preparing for class, và balancing responsibilities. Evening students also met with a group of dedicated upper-division part-time students, Michael Dillon (3E), Ashley Fingarson (4E), Ashley Greaf (3E), and Christopher Taylor (2E). The incoming class also heard from Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Retìm kiếm Marin Scordato on how to lớn succeed in school from a faculty perspective. "We endeavor to lớn prepare you khổng lồ understvà the, khổng lồ practice the, lớn pass the bar, and lớn enter the legal profession. Your success is now our success," Associate Dean Scordalớn said. Nancy Palermo "97, managing partner of Garrison và Sisson, Inc., and Justine Donahue, senior managing director of Garrison & Sisson, Inc., spoke lớn students about starting their legal careers. They gave sầu an overview of the different practice areas of, the various types of employers mni-alive.comyers can work for, và importance of professional development. The 2017 orientation program included a new segment developed by Professor Stacy Brustin và the School"s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council entitled, "Cultural Competency và Countering Bias: Professional Development for Future mni-alive.comyers." Professor Brustin và members of the Council, including Professor Regina Jefferson, discussed the need for mni-alive.comyers to identify & combat their own biases in order to be effective practitioners và khổng lồ help future clients. As part of the program, Professor Brustin encouraged new students not only to lớn seek intellectual rigor, in part to lớn help counter bias, but to also seek interpersonal rigor to lớn challenge habits & think in new ways, skills that are critical khổng lồ successful mni-alive.comyering.

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