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Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell Personality Statistics


Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell is a character from Prison Break.

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This page summarizes crowd sourced ratings of their personality collected from users of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz. People who take the quiz are asked if they would also be willing to lớn volunteer khổng lồ rate characters that they know. The ratings are made on a 100 point scale between two adjectives and then all averaged together inkhổng lồ a composite. Because of the "law of large numbers" (a.k.a. wisdom of the crowds) this profile is very reliable. If you take one persons opinion of what a character is lượt thích và compare it lớn the opinion of another person about what that character is lượt thích, they could be very different.

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But if you compare the opinions of two groups, the difference gets smaller & smaller the larger the groups.

The table shows the average rating the character received for each trait in the survey. Because the questions are bipolar adjective sầu pairs, they are reversible (i.e. a score of 25 on shorttall is the same as a score of 75 on tallshort). On this page, traits that had an average score below the midpoint have been reversed so they can be listed in order of most to least extreme for that character. The table also shows this character"s relative sầu rank on that trait compared lớn all other characters in the database. The standard deviation of ratings is shown, the basic idea here is that if the standard deviation is higher then that means there is less agreement between raters on that trait (the less agreement, the larger the sample kích thước needed to get a reliable estimate). The number of raters is how many different individuals submitted a rating for that trait with this character; each rater rated only a random submix of traits for each character when they were surveyed.

TraitAverage ratingRankRating standard deviationNumber of raters
perverted (not clean)100.010.011
jaded (not innocent)96.138.814
wild (not tame)95.5118.233
extreme (not moderate)95.4126.644
deviant (not average)95.028.528
mischievous (not well behaved)94.61814.215
weird (not normal)94.5710.126
cannibal (not vegan)94.568.746
barbaric (not civilized)94.418.618
debased (not pure)93.997.928
sexist (not feminist)93.61310.044
cocky (not timid)93.4387.715
freak (not normie)93.188.19
scandalous (not proper)92.51712.132
stingy (not generous)92.5139.715
rebellious (not obedient)92.45912.320
competitive (not cooperative)91.8829.818
outlaw (not sheriff)91.82815.131
stinky (not fresh)91.7712.048
suspicious (not trusting)91.53817.328
😈 (not 😇)91.53914.681
arrogant (not humble)91.47810.517
bad boy (not trắng knight)91.42010.719
quarrelsome (not warm)91.34511.929
crazy (not sane)91.31913.566
interrupting (not attentive)91.1239.17
experimental (not reliable)91.0129.544
haunted (not blissful)91.01918.111
feisty (not gracious)90.72710.619
two-faced (not one-faced)90.42917.518
chaotic (not orderly)90.25013.817
vengeful (not forgiving)90.27211.522
sarcastic (not genuine)90.1239.530
sickly (not healthy)89.8511.031
kinky (not vanilla)89.62716.518
cunning (not honorable)89.53317.692
narcissistic (not low self esteem)89.47217.658
scruffy (not manicured)89.33916.423
creepy (not disarming)89.31121.267
cruel (not kind)89.25017.026
spicy (not mild)89.25316.242
unpolished (not eloquent)89.2198.412
selfish (not altruistic)89.08615.741
receiving (not giving)89.05013.012
poisonous (not nurturing)88.96818.321
stubborn (not accommodating)88.813618.015
opinionated (not neutral)88.717210.113
demonic (not angelic)88.64313.830
authoritarian (not democratic)88.55715.220
unorthodox (not traditional)88.07621.930
flamboyant (not modest)87.96819.030
goth (not flower child)87.93321.711
edgy (not politically correct)87.84511.620
deranged (not reasonable)87.84016.465
muddy (not washed)87.81614.110
bold (not shy)87.634919.721
traitorous (not loyal)87.52721.129
salacious (not wholesome)87.55521.567
rough (not smooth)87.22922.931
soulless (not soulful)87.24114.729
🐀 (not 🐘)87.21221.967
frenzied (not sleepy)87.23212.547
rude (not respectful)87.15714.331
lewd (not tasteful)87.02521.526
zany (not regular)87.05918.648
insulting (not complimentary)86.962đôi mươi.643
suspicious (not awkward)86.85223.328
money-focused (not love-focused)86.87315.912
demanding (not unchallenging)86.522228.910
indulgent (not sober)86.38214.023
hard (not soft)86.29117.625
freelance (not corporate)86.1113trăng tròn.344
genocidal (not not genocidal)86.03615.515
expressive (not monotone)85.812014.818
villainous (not heroic)85.67215.541
worldly (not innocent)85.313221.818
🧢 (not 🎩)85.25522.063
ferocious (not pacifist)85.115118.721
animalistic (not human)85.1819.530
cynical (not gullible)85.112320.911
impulsive sầu (not cautious)84.913424.729
bitter (not sweet)84.911118.724
chatty (not reserved)84.818115.714
cold (not warm)84.710822.936
mad (not glad)84.78121.264
self-destructive (not self-improving)84.68522.650
ugly (not beautiful)84.51521.453
ironic (not profound)84.5511.96
psychopath (not empath)84.511415.010
paranoid (not naive)84.54123.010
drop out (not valedictorian)84.45826.863
jealous (not compersive)84.37319.718
street-smart (not sheltered)84.320515.227
perceptive (not unobservant)84.235919.850
loud (not quiet)84.120424.828
obsessed (not aloof)84.08418.123
gossiping (not confidential)84.07822.520
ludicrous (not sensible)83.96422.720
fire (not water)83.618628.013
punchable (not loveable)83.69823.257
crafty (not scholarly)83.57713.026
intense (not lighthearted)83.525025.050
flirtatious (not prudish)83.515225.714
playful (not shy)83.328016.718
persistent (not quitter)83.269222.560
unemotional (not emotional)83.13112.87
conspiracist (not sheeple)83.110724.335
assertive sầu (not passive)83.027926.346
machiavellian (not transparent)83.09227.015
trash (not treasure)82.838đôi mươi.9100
👨‍🔧 (not 👨‍⚕️)82.812721.753
poor (not rich)82.761đôi mươi.923
offended (not chill)82.612124.344
masochistic (not pain-avoidant)82.62526.941
dominant (not submissive)82.5376trăng tròn.336
🙃 (not 🥰)82.57726.831
desperate (not high standards)82.55125.519
💩 (not 🌟)82.26126.969
anarchist (not statist)82.06521.831
frank (not sugarcoated)81.724916.312
extrovert (not introvert)81.621422.029
hard (not soft)81.617521.821
rugged (not refined)81.611521.925
hunter (not gatherer)81.520923.043
cat person (not dog person)81.58728.810
fighter (not lover)81.410515.212
judgemental (not accepting)81.419823.520
exaggerating (not factual)81.217528.75
contrarian (not yes-man)81.010617.511
arcane (not mainstream)80.88819.426
instinctual (not reasoned)80.812723.450
fearmongering (not reassuring)80.711433.712
bossy (not meek)80.6418trăng tròn.035
messy (not neat)80.612124.834
💔 (not 💝)80.48926.443
moody (not stable)80.328025.023
racist (not egalitarian)80.33424.133
disreputable (not prestigious)80.36028.025
juvenile (not mature)80.013715.619
whimsical (not rational)79.512822.027
punk rock (not preppy)79.418725.345
backdoor (not official)79.315422.130
hypocritical (not equitable)79.212026.565
traumatized (not flourishing)79.219628.554
cringeworthy (not inspiring)79.012023.238
driven (not unambitious)78.969627.439
spontaneous (not scheduled)78.721726.722
biased (not impartial)78.720126.316
decisive sầu (not hesitant)78.638124.614
heathen (not devout)78.58922.727
country-bumpkin (not city-slicker)78.59926.648
🥴 (not 🥳)78.59226.762
🐷 (not 🐮)78.44927.572
🤣 (not 😊)78.28423.361
lustful (not chaste)78.022028.131
👩‍🎤 (not 👩‍🔬)77.920723.897
🙅‍♂️ (not 🙋‍♂️)77.89130.860
exuberant (not subdued)77.323929.143
unfixable (not fixable)77.310326.850
night owl (not morning lark)77.229121.836
charming (not trusting)77.216721.022
sad (not happy)77.119123.919
funny (not humorless)76.828720.722
individualist (not communal)76.628131.030
🤺 (not 🏌)76.341928.869
open to new experinces (not uncreative)76.244123.824
👻 (not 🤖)76.09428.432
envious (not prideful)76.0927.99
complicated (not simple)75.939029.624
rural (not urban)75.89128.039
miserable (not joyful)75.826329.167
armoured (not vulnerable)75.732624.026
rustic (not cultured)75.711122.914
old (not young)75.623017.924
speciadanh mục (not generalist)75.514127.019
scrub (not legit)75.45627.440
🐒 (not 🐩)75.312330.955
🥶 (not 🥵)74.99234.514
motivated (not unmotivated)74.994027.09
thin (not thick)74.819631.519
f***-the-police (not tattle-tale)74.845031.951
lost (not enlightened)74.617427.641
sexual (not asexual)74.648730.48
plays hard (not works hard)74.615826.125
pretentious (not unassuming)74.630629.348
queer (not straight)74.27825.925
blue-collar (not ivory-tower)74.124633.023
🧙 (not 👨‍🚀)73.916124.047
repulsive (not attractive)73.811128.533
self-assured (not self-conscious)73.643830.527
resistant (not resigned)73.340230.861
ADHD (not OCD)73.318725.512
💀 (not 🎃)73.228035.414
intimate (not formal)73.119723.737
dramatic (not comedic)73.049826.95
impatient (not patient)72.946132.028
alert (not oblivious)72.754224.360
dramatic (not no-nonsense)72.432526.726
slovenly (not stylish)72.215130.911
🦇 (not 🐿)72.121637.056
🚴 (not 🏋️‍♂️)71.853627.249
💃 (not 🧕)71.650232.561
twitchy (not still)71.439327.412
gloomy (not sunny)71.239133.051
pointed (not random)71.268620.85
secretive (not open-book)71.250130.052
never cries (not often crying)71.241733.16
low-tech (not high-tech)71.030131.321
depressed (not bright)70.919034.318
entitled (not grateful)70.939632.010
pensive sầu (not serene)70.547327.94
reactive sầu (not proactive)70.417336.67
guarded (not open)70.370125.920

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