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‘Few students are in a position lớn have superstars lượt thích Kate Moss mã sản phẩm their creations for their graduation show & attract a treble A-menu audience khổng lồ the occasion.’‘The company said it also is seeking treble damages under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations Act, bringing its total clalặng khổng lồ more than $1.25 bn.’‘That one bonus point adds to the two he collects for being deemed the Knights" second-best player on the day by the Evening Press, and his treble haul takes him baông xã lớn joint-top of the standings alongside Scott Rhodes.’‘Not only did he put those rumours to rest with his outstanding contribution to United"s treble triumph two years later, Sheringmê mẩn has even managed to lớn impress since returning khổng lồ Spurs last summer.’‘Sunday"s eagerly awaited all parish final between Borris in Ossory và Kilcotton will provide the centrepiece of the treble header at O"Moore Park và promises khổng lồ be a thrilling affair.’‘If insiders sold stoông xã acting on proprietary knowledge that the company was failing, there are existing laws lớn khuyến mãi with it that can require treble damages & incarceration.’‘The treble winners also won a host of individual prizes from guest speaker Fred Trueman, the Yorkshire and Engl& legover, to confirm their status as the league"s outstanding side.’‘But that treble disappointment also once again stoked the fires which have fuelled his passion for the game for more than half a century, and he has already dug in for the long haul.’‘The win in the club competition was part of a treble celebration for the Southsiders as Tereasa Linsbod collected the national prize for Sheep stock-judging.’‘It was a pity that so few attended for the first part of the treble header as both teams served up a thriller laced with the finest of hurling skills and players with real potential for the future.’‘The treble chorus of bonjours came from the friendly farmer"s friendly wife and his two teenage daughters, all of them creasing themselves.’‘Single rooms are subject khổng lồ a supplement of 130 & are limited to one per treble room.’‘The Export Trading Act allows the Secretary of Commerce lớn issue a Certificate of Reviews lớn a trading entity that protects it from criminal liability và treble damages under state và federal antitrust laws.’‘No-one hit treble figures, yet Lancashire got there.’‘And while our dinner was perfectly decent, it wasn"t ever a meal that should have sầu been thinking about breaking inkhổng lồ treble figures.’‘After just two matches of the new season, the points against tally has already reached treble figures.’‘It came out on top at the strongly contested industry awards for engineering excellence - making it a record treble success.’‘A higher plateau was reached when, within six months of joining Celtic, he had proved hugely influential in the club"s only treble success outside of the Joông xã Stein era.’‘Peter James-Robinson also enjoyed a treble success, winning gold in the snooker and silver medals in the slalom và bowls.’‘That record includes three historic treble successes - and a quality double achieved this year by Lancaster.’
high, high-frequency, soprano, treble, falsetlớn, shrill, adễ thương, sharp, piping, piercing, penetrating

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1.1Multiplied or occurring three times.
‘she turned back to make a double & treble check’
More example sentences
‘There is also another parallel stream of procedure relating to lớn proceedings brought privately, for example, proceedings to lớn recover multiple damages, treble damages, perhaps.’‘‘The students come in và have a treble vodka with a dash of Corky"s & a dash of coke, for £3.50,’ said Arthur.’‘Her second round of 55 was achieved despite a treble bogey at the downhill 16th courtesy of twos at the second, fifth, twelfth, thirteenth và seventeenth.’

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