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‘Fence off all rivers and streams và provide piped mains water to drinking troughs.’‘This was made from a split log, which sometimes reached a vast size; although anthropological studies have shown that the larger ones may have also been used to lay-out bodies, or as water troughs for animals.’‘He gathered the reins và led the animal to lớn the water trough.’‘Once he was satisfied they were cooled, he led them khổng lồ the water trough for a well-earned drink.’‘These animals come khổng lồ the trough, as it is a major water source during dry seasons.’‘The use of liông chồng wheel feeders allow for less feeder space required per animal than in interval feeding in open troughs.’‘The company sells its beer in five- or 15-gallon kegs, a practice that avoids glass breakage & allows re-circulated water lớn irrigate its fields and fill animal troughs.’‘All farmers in the area are asked to lớn check drinking troughs for leakages as many householders in the scheme have little or no water.’‘The statue, with outspread wings & hands raised benevolently, was on a trough where horses drank before pulling their heavy loads up the hill.’‘If you use a hose to fill buckets or water troughs, never allow it lớn contact the container or the water inside: A contaminated hose can pass disease.’‘Farmers are asked to lớn check all drinking troughs, sheds etc & all pipework running over ground.’‘The landscape was virtually empty except for an occasional horse, cluster of cattle, oil wells, & a small house with windmill & cattle drinking troughs.’‘Grooming kits, buckets, water troughs và taông chồng should be cleaned thoroughly & disinfected daily.’‘He waited patiently until the táo was eaten completely và he allowed the horse to lớn drink from the trough again.’‘The big bull was drinking from the trough this afternoon when a single sheep tried khổng lồ get khổng lồ the water.’‘‘The grass has become so dry that farmers are having lớn put out water troughs for cattle,’ the council spokesman said.’‘The sheds were re-roofed lớn improve sầu ventilation and the water troughs were also replaced.’‘The water in the trough needs khổng lồ be changed every three days.’‘Such species as love sầu birds, parrots & doves are spending more time near the water trough and less on picking for food.’‘With a view khổng lồ helping the animals, the authorities repaired the existing water troughs và filled them with water.’

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