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1usually vibesA person"s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated lớn & felt by others.

‘The village atmosphere & generally festive sầu vibe is infectious as hundreds of people celebrate the very best of folk culture and music during the six-day event.’‘Long-time residents of the area lượt thích the low crime rate, the quiet atmosphere và the small-town vibe.’‘The bustling vibe adds lớn the atmosphere rather than detracting from your enjoyment.’‘You"ve sầu been around the Senate for a long time, what sort of vibe vày you get from the Government today?’‘It wasn"t the world"s most extravagant theatre complex, but it had this sort of historical vibe about it.’‘I always loved Meg"s gorgeous photos & wanted to soak up the apparent peaceful, spiritual vibe of the place.’‘I"d never previously experienced such a positive sầu vibe in a club environment.’‘On Saturday night, however, the vibe on the floor was very sweaty indeed & the atmosphere was brilliant.’‘Those who yearn for the good old warehouse days are going to appreciate the jazzy, ambient vibe.’‘I think he was great, he kept the vibe of the original character, but at the same time he exemplified the next generation.’‘Many of those early residents still remain in Venice Beach, contributing to lớn the vibe of free-love & environmental peace that continues to this day.’‘In the music, man, the spiritual vibe is very important.’‘Instead of giving presents to lớn friends, donate the same amount khổng lồ individual charities & give people a vibe of the Christmas spirit.’‘Was it the leftover vibe of previous aura seekers who had come khổng lồ this room?’‘Not only vày these earrings draw attention to lớn you, they give you a free spirited vibe which is so sexy.’‘I was in this bar on a Friday night, the vibe và ambience was chilled with funky bachồng beats.’‘Expect the same trashy roông chồng and electro vibe in a more intimate & debauched atmosphere.’‘Some DJs couldn"t underst& my positive vibe và couldn"t handle sharing the spotlight, but after truly listening lớn my quality style, they gave me love.’‘Wyên ổn created a similar vibe as a speaker, meandering through anecdotes, sharing philosophies, listening to lớn & acknowledging other people in the room.’‘The connection and feeling students have sầu with their school benefits the school through contributions to the community và a positive vibe on campus.’

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ambience, aura, climate, air, mood, feel, feeling, character, tone, overtone, undertone, tenor, spirit, quality, aspect, element, undercurrent, flavour, colour, colouring, look, impression, suggestion, emanation
‘His marimtía và vibes contribute further percussive accents, and the intricate multiple meters và contrapuntal figures add up to a rhythmic feast for the listener.’
‘A deep, squelching beat suffused with vibes and marimcha stutters behind her, balancing the simple innocence of her words with skin-prickling menace.’‘The mood is intimate và late night; a chanteuse in a little club somewhere with a piano trio augmented by sax, vibes và guitar.’‘Beltran saves himself by using live instrumentation such as guitars, vibes and organs.’‘The lachồng of piano (or guitar, or vibes, etc.) gives the bassist & drummer more space in which to lớn operate.’‘They"re a fun, tight set of jazz flair and rochồng energy, with guitar, bass, drums, and vibes.’‘Multiple guitars and vibes unwind a skeletal melody inlớn nothingness while a lonesome organ drones sadly against the silence.’‘Folky guitars, brush drums, violin, and vibes tover to sink baông chồng as a shimmering canvas for his singing.’‘The front line of sax, vibes và trombone may strike some as unconventional, but to lớn say it works would be a bit of an understatement; more than sum of their parts, indeed.’‘The vamp becomes a backdrop for an improvised duet between the vibes & cello.’‘It"s the subsequent addition of multi-tracked vocal counterpoint, maracas, và vibes that turns it inlớn a delectable piece of ear candy.’‘The first track further lulls you a false sense of security; a lovely, candle-flickering tune, drums brushed around a breathy sax & gently chiming vibes.’‘The vibes and the piano interplay while various electronic warbling & effects are heard in the background laying the background lớn the piece.’‘The leader, a much under-appreciated musician, is heard on both vibes & marimcha.’‘Electronics were largely eschewed for acoustic strumming, vibes, banjo & plenty of ‘ba-ba-ba’ backing vocals.’‘Banjo & vibes fill in the corners of the tuy nhiên, leaving room for some sort of oscillating synthesizer và closely harmonized vocals.’‘And the vibes, by being so distinctive, emphaform size the repetitiveness of the patterns they"re playing, while the other instruments have sầu a bachồng door inkhổng lồ your brain.’‘Killian và his bvà of vibes, percussion, sax, flute, bass, keyboards & vocacác mục occupied stage left.’‘Khan Jamal"s vibes weave sầu subtly & powerfully around Shipp"s melodic, stately & frequently forceful piano lines.’‘He played the drums, the harmonica, guitar, piano, the vibes, he quý phái, he did impressions, he danced.’

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