Wait Up Là Gì

wait up

1. To stay awake later in the night than usual while waiting for someone to arrive sầu home page. It"s going khổng lồ be quite late before I get home, so don"t wait up for me. I"ve sầu been waiting up all night scared to death that you might be hurt, or worse!2. command Stop or slow down so I can catch up with you. Hey, wait up, guys! I"m coming too! Tell them to not to lớn wait up—I need khổng lồ change this tire, so I"ll be a while.See also: up, wait

wait up (a minute)

Wait for me while I catch up with you! Tom, who was following Mary down the street, said, "Wait up a minute! I need lớn talk lớn you." John: Hey, Sally! Wait up! Sally: What"s happening?See also: up, wait

wait up (until something)

to lớn delay going lớn bed until a certain time or until something happens or someone arrives. Are you going to wait up until midnight? We waited up until we heard him come in the back door.See also: up, wait

wait up

(for someone or something) 1.

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Fig. to lớn stay up late waiting for someone to lớn arrive sầu or something to lớn happen. I"ll be home page late. Don"t wait up for me. We waited up for the coming of the new year, & then we went lớn bed. 2. & hold up (for someone or something)Fig. khổng lồ wait for someone or something khổng lồ catch up. Hey! Don"t go so fast. Wait up for me. Hold up! You"re going too fast.See also: up, wait

wait up

1. Postpone going to lớn bed in anticipation of someone or something, as in My parents always wait up until I get trang chính, no matter how late it is. 2. Stop or pause so that another can catch up, as in Let"s wait up for the stragglers, or Don"t walk so fast; wait up for me. <Colloquial> See also: up, wait

wait up

v.1. To postpone going to lớn bed in expectation: We will be out late tonight, so don"t wait up. The children waited up for their parents khổng lồ come home page.

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2. To stop or pause so that another can catch up: The leader of the hike waited up for the stragglers.See also: up, waitSee also:

wait on|wait|wait upon

v. 1. To serve sầu. Sue has a summer job waiting on an invalid. The clerk in the store asked if we had been waited upon. 2. formal To visit as a courtesy or for business. We waited upon the widow out of respect for her husb&. John waited upon the President with a letter of introduction. 3. To follow. Success waits on hard work.

wait up

wait for me, wait until I catch up Danny, wait up. I want lớn talk lớn you.

wait up for

not go lớn bed until the kids come home at night Mom always waits up for us when we go to a party.

wait up|wait

v. phr. To not go to bed until a person one is worried about comes home page (said by parents và marriage partners). My mother always waited up for me when I went out as a young student. She always waits up for her husbvà when he"s out late.

wait upon

1.serve;attover as a servant侍候;吃饭时作招待She waited on us at dinner.她在一旁侍候我们吃饭。The old lady does not lượt thích lớn be waited upon,because she thinks she is still capable of taking care of herself.那位老太太不喜欢别人侍候,因为她认为她生活还能自理。2.follow as a consequence为…结果;随…而产生Success waits on hard work.成功来自于勤奋。His whole future waits on the results of the examination.他的整个前程都取决于这次考试的结果。
wait at table wait for wait for (one's) boat to lớn come in wait for (one's) ship to come in wait for (someone or something) wait for dead men's shoes wait for it wait for the dust khổng lồ settle wait for the next wave wait for the other shoe to drop wait in the wings wait on wait on (someone or something) wait on (someone) h& & foot wait on hvà và foot wait on h& & foot, khổng lồ wait on somebody toàn thân hand và foot wait on someone h& và foot wait on table wait out wait tables wait till wait till/until... wait turn wait until wait up wait up for (one) wait upon (someone or something) wait upon (someone) hand và foot wait-and-see wait-and-see attitude waiting waiting game waiting in the wings waiver wake wake (up) from (something) wake (up) khổng lồ (something) wake from wake the dead wake the dead, to lớn wake lớn wake up wake up and die right wake up và smell the coffee wake up feeling human wake up on the wrong side of (the) bed wake up lớn (something) wake up with the chickens waken waken khổng lồ (something) wait at/on table wait at table wait on wait on table wait on/upon wait out wait upon walk away from walk away/off with walk away with walk into walk off walk off with
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