A Walk In The Park

We offer training, grooming, transportation, day care và overnight stays (boarding) and love each & every dog like they are our own.

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Day Care

Your precious pup will get lots of attention và enjoy the company of people and other dogs. We have plenty of space khổng lồ play inside and outside. Dogs are grouped by kích thước, temperament, and activity cấp độ và have constant supervision.


Overnight Stays

We are not lượt thích other boarding facilities. Your dog will NOT be in a crate. Our dogs bunk together in a room with a trained staff member. We provide 24-hour monitoring.



Our professional groomers offer full-service 5 days a week. Dogs will NOT spend any time in cages. We happily arrange a grooming appointment along with our other services.

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We offer safe and reliable transportation for your dog - up lớn 15 miles. Ask about our monthly pass.

About Us

Toledo"s only full-service dog care.From day care to lớn overnight stays, we"ve got you covered.

Your dog is a prized member of your family, & we understvà that entrusting us with their care is a serious & important responsibility. We offer full-service dog care – training, grooming, transportation, day care and overnight stays. Our spacious indoor climate-controlled facility và expansive outdoor play yard provide an excellent environment for dogs to lớn play, learn & exercise.We proudly stand apart as the only cage-không lấy phí facility that offers 24-hour onsite care in the area.Our dedicated staff trained in Cquảng cáo & dog management care are essential to lớn the team. All dogs are grouped by temperament and activity level & have sầu constant supervision.You can find us on Indian Wood Circle; near Dussel Drive sầu in Maumee, Ohio. We serve sầu the following areas: Maumee, Holland, Monclova, Perrysburg, Springfield Township, Tolevì, Ottawa Hills & Sylvania.Don"t trust your dog"s well-being to lớn just anyone, bring them to lớn A Walk in The Park.

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