Water feature là gì

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This was followed by other placards showing potted trees và a plastic fountain ("water feature") & giving prices.
This has resulted in the water feature being switched off for most of the time since the summer recess.
The water feature was felt khổng lồ be impossible to achieve và the only satisfactory alternative was a Smartphone water cannon mounted on a barge.
It was a water feature in a sense, inasmuch as it had water inside it, but one could hardly see the water.
Now they planned for the water feature in the central niche lớn flow outward inkhổng lồ the reflecting pool.
A thin stream of water was intended to flow over the panels, as if carrying women"s voices to lớn the water feature và reflecting pool.
The upgraded park will include a new playground and interactive water feature, enhanced accessibility and lighting, & new barbecue and picnic areas.
The garden includes an educational amphitheater, habitat, sensory and xeriscape gardens, two gazebos, a patio, & a water feature with natural filtration.
The water feature was designed to pump water from underneath the pyramid & along the channel, khổng lồ a waterfall.

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Some macella had a water fountain or water feature in the centre of their courtyard instead of a tholos structure.
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