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The occasions of sampling included 6 và 3 days before the whelping, 1 day after whelping, and 1, 3, 7 & 14 weeks after whelping.
A she-bear robbed of her whelps is as nothing compared to lớn the chairman of a finance committee whose surplus has been removed from him by somebody else"s precept.
Those of us who have sầu looked after animals for a large part of our lives know that keeping animals involves a great commitment, particularly when animals are whelping.
Old females usually whelp in the den of their previous litter, while younger females typically den near their birthplace.
The she-wolf was twenty-six inches at the shoulder và showed signs of having recently nursed whelps.
In course of time the whelp became a full-grown Long which had a brood of young dragons hidden away in a corn staông xã at the foot of the mountain.
The whelps of the (11) fox laughs at wise men, và the poor woman has mixed myrhh, and the priestess (12) to lớn the one who wears a girdle of threads.
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